Cubes – Paintings


Sabine Wiedenhofer's work often contains squares and cubes as crucial components of hercreations. The basis for the cube is the square - for the artist a symbol of wholeness, irrevocable and eternal, but also for inconstancy and randomness, and for the power of destiny. Rolling the dice has always been a way to test someone's luck and to tempt fate. The serial arrangement of the elements and their colors represent the multiple facets of life, the succession of events, and our choices.
The variations of squares and rectangles of the Cubes and the three-dimensional Light Boxes encourages to think outside the box and of established patterns as well as to swim against the current to get out of the comfort zone. Wiedenhofer reminds us of the multitude of choices we have in life - and that our life is the result of the choices we make.


Hugs & Kisses - XOXO


A bullet changes its meaning, when exhibited in a different setting. The connotation of Sabine Wiedenhofer's emptied cartridges shifted to a different semantic level, as the artist transforms aggressive objects into humorous wall sculptures, sending Hugs & Kisses to the viewer.
Even though the artist takes a clear position on the absurdity of violence, she addresses a number of issues without imposing any answers or opinions but rather invites us to rethink and to (re)act.
By giving a new meaning to the objects, she is using the aesthetics of violence in a poetic way to get her message across.

The artist creates beautiful objects, pointing out the positive qualities in everything, even when it is originally something dangerous.
For her, the bullets are like words ready to be redefined, they change their meaning when put into a  different context. She strips them of their original purpose and transforms them into means of communication. Exploring the sculptural potential of familiar shapes, Wiedenhofer invites the viewer to share a new and different outlook on reality. She does not judge or criticize. Her work is not only an accusation of violence, it is a call for peace and reconciliation. For Sabine Wiedenhofer, life always finds a way of renewing itself and positivity can shine through.


TriBeCa 2017 / NYC


TriBeCa 2017 / NYC is the chosen title of Sabine Wiedenhofer's latest glass installation of 152 meticulously handmade Murano glass cubes, which were recently featured as a centerpiece of the GLASSTRESS 2017 Show at the 57th Biennale di Venezia, Italy. TriBeCa 2017 / NYC epitomizes Wiedenhofer's virtuous and intimate handling of glass as her chosen medium in which she is able to express how NYC cherishes its past, while boldly and fearlessly moving forward into the future.

Wiedenhofer captures New York's characteristics in a way which has never been shown before. The artists presents the viewer a crystalline city with many different perspectives in which her glass towers offer numerous possibilities of interpretation.
In TriBeCa 2017 / NYC the city scenery is not just a visual background where urban life unfolds, but rather the main protagonist. The creative chaos and the vividness of this multicultural melting pot becomes evident in the installation. The viewer's gaze can wander through the streets of Wiedenhofer's TriBeCa 2017 / NYC and then hover above the city from a bird's eye view, exploring totally different perspectives.
The installation involves the newly built Freedom Tower, a solemn reminder of the tragic events of 9/11. Since 2014, it has redefined the city skyline, bearing witness to New York's spirit of resistance, hope, love and faith. Wiedenhofer chose for her work the primary color military green, symbolizing the city's attitude of resistance and solidarity. The different intensities of the dimmable LED-lights in the sculpture's base produce a vast variety of hues and mystical light effects.
Glass is not a docile material. Since ancient times, it has been a challenge to work with its ambivalent nature, ranging from liquidity to rigidity. Its true and versatile nature continues to be a subject of research and a source of inspiration. "When I discovered glass as material it was clear to me that TriBeCa 2017 / NYC had to be a city of glass", states Wiedenhofer. New York City, with its incredible vibrancy, is the model metropolis for the western world, setting cultural and economic trends. She concludes:"For me, glass as a medium represents the power and the splendour of the Western World, the transparency as well as the surveillance state, the immense diversity and the fragility - all these are aspects of my beloved city of New York".