stayin alive - sabine wiedenhofer on the "syringe into unrestrained bliss"

After more than 2,5 years of pandemic, which have taken away the lightheartedness of togetherness, conjured the facial expressions from our faces, taken away family, friendships, jobs, as well as often economic and emotional livelihoods, things are now all of a sudden seemingly going uphill again thanks to the miracle injection.

But where does this "uphill" lead?

With her self-portrait sculpture, on which she presents herself naked on the "syringe into unrestrained bliss", 

Sabine Wiedenhofer questions the exuberant social need to get back to consumption and entertainment as quickly as possible.Here, nudity is a symbol for the losers of the crisis, who, as is so often the case, include women first and, by extension, artists, who, after various lock-downs, are often not even left with their last shirt.With her art, Sabine Wiedenhofer shows on the one hand how vulnerable our world is, on the other hand with what absurdity chances for pausing, for reflection and for rethinking our own values pass us by, only so that we can turn as quickly as possible back to the distractions of our familiar world. The sculpture was presented for the first time at "Art Austria 2021" in the MuseumsQuartier in the form of a "Disco Installation," in which Wiedenhofer rides back into unrestrained bliss while clinging to the syringe.