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"GIVE PEACE A HAND" - a symbol for humanity & Peace

“Give Peace a Hand” is what Sabine Wiedenhofer calls her brightly colored glass hands or - depending on your perspective - doves of peace, which she designed in August 2021 as an award for the winners of the Berlin “Human Rights Film Festival” in Venice / Murano.

In the mean time the sculptures were exhibited in Vienna, Venice, Salzburg and Carinthia.

Artist Sabine Wiedenhofer: “A reaching out hand that becomes a dove of peace seemed to me to be the perfect symbol for such an important and outstanding documentaries Film Prize for the of the “Human Rights Festival” 2021. 

It is the reaching out hand that we need to honor and accept in order to finally achieve peace and equal rights for all human beings on this beautiful planet."

Wiedenhofer chose again one of her favourite materials, Murano glass, a material that express strength and fragility,  transparency and clarity.

(Glass  - a material made from natural and abundant raw materials like sand, soda ash and limestone)

Freedom of expression, gender equality and struggles for justice are just a few of the numerous topics featured in the outstanding documentaries of the International 

“Human Rights Film Festival” which takes place one time a year in Berlin-Germany.

“Everyday we are witnesses of events that we never thought of to have to experience them all over again in this world. It is high time we turned from contemporary witnesses to time changers. It's in our hands. The „Give Peace a Hand“ sculptures are quiet reminders to not forget to love and live charity each day."

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