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IMAGINE - Wallsculpture


...we would realize that we don't need power for good, only love?

...we would let love flow to whoever or whatever is loved, without judging?

...we wouldn't always respond to violence with more violence?

Would the world be as colorful as a rainbow? Would the diversity of life forms expand our spectrum? Would we be more tolerant and accepting of differences?

Would our lives be filled with hope and longing?

In a time when social networks only confirm people in their own opinions and the division, outrage over those with different beliefs grows, where "normal" is to demonize everything that is not our own, where shades of gray are forbidden, and everything is seen as black or white, good or evil, right or wrong, this thinking shapes a new generation.


Sabine Wiedenhofer makes a loud, colorful statement for the diversity of the world, for peace, freedom, and love.


Seven letters as a wall sculpture made of 675 rifle cartridges in the colors of the rainbow, arranged on reflective acrylic lettering.


Sabine Wiedenhofer: "It starts with thinking, then comes outrage, and then violence. In a year when the USA is delivering cluster bombs to Europe and terror attacks are being planned on the 'Pride,' the message must be one of love, acceptance, and peace," 


Or, as John Lennon said over 50 years ago:

"You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one."

"IMAGINE - WALLSCULpture is shown from

July 17th to August 20th, at the Show "Masterpieces of Art" during salzburg festival at "Top up Gallery Reinisch", Getreidegasse 12, Salzburg/austria

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