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A bullet changes its meaning, when exhibited in a different setting. The connotation

of Sabine Wiedenhofer’s emptied cartridges shifted to a different semantic level, as the artist transforms aggressive objects into humorous wall sculptures, sending Hugs & Kisses to the viewer.

Even though the artist takes a clear position on the absurdity of violence, she addresses a number of issues without imposing any answers or opinions but rather invites us to rethink and to (re)act. By giving a new meaning to the objects, she is using the aesthetics of violence in a poetic way to get her message across. The artist creates beautiful objects, pointing out the positive qualities in everything, even when it is originally something dangerous.

Sabine Wiedenhofer - XOXO

For her, the bullets are like words ready to be redefined, they change their meaning when put into a different context. She strips them of their original purpose and transforms them into means of communication. Exploring the sculptural potential of familiar shapes, Wiedenhofer invites the viewer to share a new and different outlook on reality. She does not judge or criticize. Her work is not only an accusation of violence, it is a call for peace and reconciliation. For Sabine Wiedenhofer, life always finds a way of renewing itself and positivity can shine through.

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