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"no more" exhibition - press coverage

NO MORE - exhibition. From June 1st to Sept.30th, at "Aktionsraum LINkZ", Hauptstrasse 26, 4020 Linz.

June 1st 2023 - live overpainting of the exhibition poster, 60 meters above ground, abseiled from an apartment building in Linz.

Opening by Linz major Klaus Luger, live performance by Cornelius Obonya, reading the legendary speech of Charlie Chaplin from the movie "The Great Dictator".

Have a look at the upfront media coverage of the exhibition.

"no more" - Soloshow in Linz/Austria

A wall sculpture made of 1008 rifle bullets, glass sculptures and around 20 oil - paintings on canvas are part of Sabine Wiedenhofer´s solo exhibiton "NO MORE" at Aktionsraum LINkZ in Linz/Upper Austria, Exhibition starts on June 1st 2023 and is shown until September 30th 2023.

In April 2023 Sabine Wiedenhofer stayed at Aktionsraum LINkZ as an artist in residence. Have a look at her work there. VIDEO - Making Of

"The octogon" elected by the "European House OF History" in Brussels

Sabine Wiedenhofer´s artwork "The Octogon" was elected for a project by the "European House of History" in Brussels as an example for re-using rubbish and waste for bringing it to a new function.

In 2021 Sabine Wiedenhofer used candles, flowers and paintings which were placed at the spots of Viennese terror attacks and created "Octogon" sculptures out of it.


ABOUT Sabine wiedenhofer

Born 1974 in Vienna, Sabine Johanna Wiedenhofer is one of the most important Austrian artists on the contemporary market. Her work has been exhibited in Vienna, Venice, New York, Miami, Salzburg and Cologne. Her glass sculptures are produced in the world famous Berengo Studio in Murano/Venice.

About Sabine Wiedenhofer

"no more" on the cover of 5 nyc newspapers

Stand against exclusion.

Stand against violence.

More than 1000 rifle bullets stand for what is on the minds oft most:

the desire for change, resolution and peace.


Wall sculpture, produced 2022/2023 by Sabine Wiedenhofer.

Cover on five different. New York City newspapers in March 2023.

More about: NO MORE


current exhibitions

- Aurum Pop Up Art Club Privée, Palais Pick

March 6th to 11th 2023, Vienna, Austria

- Exhibition, Salzburg Easter Festival

April 1st to April 10th 2023, Salzburg, Austria

- Art Karlsruhe - May 2023 - Karlsruhe/Germany

-Art Austria - May 2023 - Museumsquartier Vienna/Austria

- Aktionsraum LinKz  - Solo Exhibition,

Live Performance: June 1st 2023

Exhibition: June 1st to July 13th 2023, Linz Austria

- Galerie Frey / Salzburg - Solo Exhibition

Sept. 16th 2023 to Oct. 14th 2023

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