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Upcoming exhibitions

- Aurum Pop Up Art Club Privée, Palais Pick

March 6th to 11th 2023, Vienna, Austria

- Exhibition, Salzburg Easter Festival

April 1st to April 10th 2023, Salzburg, Austria

- Art Karlsruhe

May 4th to May 7th 2023, Karlsruhe, Germany

- Art Austria

May 11th to 14th, Vienna, Austria

- Aktionsraum LinKz  - Solo Exhibition,

Live Performance: May 19th 2023

Exhibition: June 1st to July 13th 2023, Linz Austria


no more

Wall Sculpture made of unloaded rifle bullets

... and the war in the east
War in the west
War up north
War down south
Some winnin'
Some losin'
Some dyin'
Some cryin'
Some singin'

We don't need

No more troubles

ABOUT Sabine wiedenhofer

Born 1974 in Vienna, Sabine Johanna Wiedenhofer is one of the most important Austrian artists on the contemporary market. Her work has been exhibited in Vienna, Venice, New York, Miami, Salzburg and Cologne. Her glass sculptures are produced in the world famous Berengo Studio in Murano/Venice.

About Sabine Wiedenhofer

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